Essential Pieces of Equipment Every Pastry Shop Needs

If you’ve always had a passion for baking and creating dough miracles in the kitchen, why not take it to the next level and open up a pastry shop where you can bake professionally? After all, the perfect warm fresh-baked products with amazing aroma deserve to be shared with the world. The only thing standing between you and your dream pastry shop is solid determination. And hey, starting your own pastry shop shouldn’t be hard once you acquire the essential equipment.

Stand Mixer That Will Be Your Extra Set of Hands

For a pastry shop, you want only the best equipment that will serve you for years. And when it comes to mixers, the standard hand mixer won’t be enough to tackle the challenge. You’re going to need a stand cake mixer that will be your extra set of hands and that will be strong enough to withstand the high demand for pastries.

It’s recommended to get a stand cake mixing machine preferably using modern technologies to operate, that’s also highly durable and that will continue to deliver consistent results time after time. When looking for the perfect commercial cake mixer machine to buy, make sure it features two arms and prevention guards that have high mechanical resistance and reduce the flour dust. That way you’ll avoid creating a mess every time you try to make dough.
spiral mixer

The bowl should be made out of thick stainless steel material. This is important so that the bowl can endure all the pressure, weight and frequent use. The tools should be adjustable too. That way you can customize it according to the recipe and type of dough you’re creating. Note that not every dough is made equally soft or hard and the process of creation can vary too. It is best if the cake mixer machine has more than one speed and a capacity of up to at least 90kgs.

You can also opt for a stand mixer that has an electronic control panel if you think it will be easier for you to operate it. Stand mixers meant for commercial use require minimal maintenance while providing you with amazing results when it comes to creating dough and pastries professionally. The paddle, hook and whisk come with the bread dough mixer so you won’t need to purchase additional tools once you get the stand mixer. Stand mixers vary when it comes to size and capacity meaning you can pick the right one for your pastry shop whether it is big or small.

High-Quality and High-Capacity Baking Oven

The oven in which you’ll be baking the pastry is just as important as the dough mixer. The quality of the products you sell depends on the quality of the oven you have and how good it does the baking job. The quality of your oven is directly correlated to the amount of money you’re prepared to invest in it. For example, standard ovens don’t cost that much and have fewer parts included which means fewer repairs along the way for you, but they have a downside. The heat in standard ovens is not equally distributed which can lead to unevenly baked pastries. And of course, no one wants that.
baking oven

It is best if you buy a conventional oven instead since it is the most famous oven among bakers and pastry chefs. Conventional ovens have built-in fans that circulate the hot air and solve the problem with uneven heating and baking. They heat up very quickly and bake the pastries very quickly for that matter. They cost a bit more than the previously mentioned standard ovens, but it’s worth it considering the quality of the baked pastries you’re going to get with it.

A Food Processor That Will Save You Time on Crushing Nuts

The food processor will be a very useful piece of equipment for your pastry shop. Why you ask? Think of it as someone that will chop nuts for you, dice vegetables and fruits, and mix whatever you need fast and easy. Imagine the amount of time you’re going to save that you can use to parallel do something else.
Commercial Food Processor

It’s really easy to assemble and disassemble the food processor and it has part suitable to wash in a dishwasher. Can you think of something more convenient than this? There are many inexpensive alternatives for the standard food processor that are quite durable and do the chopping job perfectly every time.

Refrigerator in Which You’ll Store the Ingredients

Maybe you won’t need a refrigerator for your pastries since they all need to be kept at room temperature, but you’ll definitely need it to store all the ingredients you use for the creating of the dough in the first place, and for everything else you make.
commercial refrigeration

Commercial refrigerators are made to withstand the heat from the kitchen while at the same time cooling everything to perfection. They are designed to fit even in crowded kitchens, are easy to access and have large capacity so that you can fit everything inside even bowls with creams that need to be chilled.

Mobile Baker’s Racks for Storing Your Finished Products

Mobile racks are great for allowing air to circulate around the baked goods in order for them to cool down to the perfect serving temperature. They come in many sizes and you can choose yours depending on how big your pastry shop’s production is. Baker’s racks are usually designed to fit the whole tray saving you the trouble of removing the baked goods from one tray and placing them on another. You save quite a lot of time with that, which we know it’s very important when it comes to baking.

They come with wheels which makes the mobile rack super easy to move and place wherever it is needed. They are made to last and are quite strong and able to hold all the weight you put on them.

While you’re at it, you can also acquire small flat cooling racks that can be placed on any surface and are perfect if you have a small number of goodies to cool down. Remember, the better equipped your pastry shop is the easier your job will be.

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